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Things have changed a lot on the SEO front over the past 20 years in the web hosting field. The search engines are getting smarter and we think that is a good thing. It is a lot harder for people to “game” the system with fake link farms and to use other techniques to push themselves to the top unfairly. We have never done that type of work and we consider it unethical. It cheats the companies that deserve to be there and wastes everyone’s time.

To do it right and be successful at it, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work takes a very methodical, focused and scientific approach.

We have long term experience in promoting, structuring and helping companies get their website seen online. While it is often referred to as SEO, it really encompasses a number of different techniques that are not directly related to search engines. However, when combined, it bring great results. It may not be surprising to some, but the key goal of SEO since 2018 has been to add value. We love that aspect of the business as it has always been a cornerstone of the work we do.

As one of Canada’s oldest web hosts, our 20 years experience in the field is unmatched by most firms out there. Our help is always priced fairly for the value we provide and we use a white-hat SEO-based focus to organically build your business online. This is — without a doubt — always the best way to proceed as it is much more lasting in its impact.

When you sign up and become a member of our Canadian web hosting network, you get access to personalized and helpful support. We are excited to help our clients succeed in what they do and we welcome the opportunity to help promote your company online. We have very fair rates when it comes to the SEO consulting work we do. We are a Canadian-owned and operated business, and that means your web site is physically located in downtown Toronto. Keeping it Canadian makes a difference.

And finally, this week a lady who was dear to us in so many ways, passed away. She was a true champion for elephants and all animals big and small. Her work was made famous as a pioneer in helping orphaned elephants. Her compassion and care was truly inspiring and the world was a much better place because of Dame Daphne Sheldrick. She will be missed dearly by so many and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know her and help her cause. Her legacy and work will live through those that follow in her footsteps. Thank you Dame Sheldrick for your compassion and all the good you did for the people and animals during your life on this planet.

Orphan Elephants


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