Get the best Toronto and Canadian WordPress Web Hosting has over 20 years of experience expertly running web servers and providing safe and secure WordPress web hosting in downtown Toronto, Canada. While we are certainly not the cheapest in the market, we  offer high value and a reliable place to host your website. So what makes us the best option for hosting your website in Toronto?

To answer that question you need to first understand that there are many Toronto hosting companies that do not actually host in Toronto. It turns out that very few web hosts are actually physically hosting their servers in downtown Toronto. has servers physically located in one of the top communications and a high security building in Toronto. So when you host your WordPress website with us, you know you are getting a Canadian based hosting solution.

When you compare the difference in price for the cheaper solutions, you will quickly find that the cost difference is inconsequential when you add in the extra value and support we provide. When you need our help, we make ourselves available with expert web consulting at competitive rates.

Having a team with over 20 years in the industry is an invaluable resource if you need to improve your SEO rankings, fix a problem in your WordPress website or to simply update it with a new theme and make it more mobile friendly.

Let be your Canadian web hosting partner.

The Web Hosting ExpertsGet the best Toronto and Canadian WordPress Web Hosting

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