Home Web Site Optimization Tips Conclusion - Step #6

The heart of site design is a communication that balances pure information with an aesthetic that gives the message a voice. However, the point remains that presentation of information must adhere to its structure - form must follow function - for a Web design to be considered successful. You should coordinate the two delicately, whereby coherence and simplicity are achieved.

The key to clarity in web design is to rigorously anticipate a userís process of discovery while eloquently and succinctly placing clues to your content across your site. Show them what you have got and how to get there. The main purpose is to provide users with a sense of place.

They need to know where they are on the site, where they have been, and how to get to where they want to be. A good site structure combined with an effective visual design enables users to construct a mental map of the site. In the end, you want an evolved, highly structured, and easy-to-use site.

Show the user the way. Good Luck!

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