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Toronto Web Hosting Testimonials

Below is a list of feedback and comments that our current customers have made with regards to the unique personal service that Elehost provides. We have provided links to their own websites (where available). If you have any feedback about our services, we would love to hear what you have to say.

At Elehost, we really appreciate your business.

"And thank YOU for all your hard work in the past, and for having such a great web hosting program. I am creating a new non-profit company in the near future, and will be considering whether to set up a new website for it. You'll be the first person I call :-)"
  Kathleen Berard

"Thanks for the prompt response. I am amazed at how lucky we were to choose Elehost. Your service to date has been exemplary."
  Richard - Infotel Systems

"I know you don’t expect a response but I wanted to thank you and the staff at Elehost for your continued support. You guys are really dedicated to your profession. Keep up the great work."
  Phil Cowcill - PJ Rules

"The eWorld is full of nasty surprises and a very long list of things falling under the "buyer beware" category. It's a PLEASURE to deal with Elehost where there have been no such surprises and no negative experiences. The servers have been very sound and all my contacts with sales and technical support have been timely, technically competent and courteous. Thanks, Elehost, keep up the great work!"
  Wes Machnio

"John, grateful for the personable and professional service. Confirms our decision to choose Elehost as our hosting solution provider."
  Integra Venture Canada

"As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you."
  Elizabeth - Profile Search Solutions

"Finally I am able to see what the rest of the world does of Disco Joints and Teddies. Thanks for all your help and patience with me. You've been much more helpful than my previous provider ever was.
I really like the reports that I get and I am really happy with how the site is working for everyone. It has been a few days since I've had any complaints from customers about slow site and problems ordering. I was fielding at least one a day before."

  Disco Joints and Teddies

"I have to say that your companies service is excellent, one of the few around I have to say."
  Toronto Hand Writing Analyst

"You guys are so quick down there are Elehost. You're wonderful! I've sent a few people your way because you are the best web hosting service around. Keep up the good work!"
 Donna McSherry - Sleepinginairports.net

"Elehost's customer service is consistently excellent! When we have questions, we speak immediately with someone who is technically knowledgeable, and who knows our account. I highly recommend Elehost to anyone in the business."
  David Groff - New Menu For Life

"Thanks again for the prompt, friendly service.  Your service reminds me of State Farm Insurance.  My wife and I were the "hitees" in a rear-ender this past summer ... we were stopped and a man ran into us at 100+ with his foot on the gas ... our own insurance company did what they had to, and took their time doing it (a relative used to own the agency, and we stayed with it after he sold).  State Farm are the agents for the man who hit us, and their claims agent provided us with more information and real service than our own.  Needless to say, when this is all over, we will become State Farm clients.  I trust your quality and friendly service is reflected in customer growth for you.  I'll certainly be telling people about you!"
  Brian Colgate - The Covenant Folds

"Time of question: 09:57... Time of reply: 10:08...
I'm impressed!"

  Pierre Belisle

"The quality of service I have received (both technically and professionally) to date has been outstanding! Keep up the good work."
  Don Wolf

"When I signed up for a trial period with Elehost, I was able to access my web site through my old ISP as well as through the guys in Toronto. I was blown away by the fact that my files downloaded to my PC in Florida much faster from Elehost than from my former host, which was located about 2 miles from our office. Thanks, Elehost!"
 Michael Levy - Psychology Software

"Thank you for the support you have given us. Compared with the two other services we have used in the past, yours is, by far, the best."
  Nexbridge Inc.

"Your friendly service and prompt responses to our needs are greatly appreciated. You're patient and helpful. I really enjoy the relationship we have with Elehost."
  Dienamic MIS Software, Inc.

"The staff at Elehost are the most helpful and friendliest group of people I have ever worked with. Their commitment and dedication to their work, as well as to the environment is not just notable but also admirable. Any company can be a web presence provider, but Elehost goes beyond that by letting us know that they will be there for their clients."
  The Green Pages

"I am VERY happy with the prompt and personalized service & support provided by Elehost ... you won't find that anywhere else! :)"
  Dale Dietrich

"I was working with new software and trying to publish a web site in under a week for a contest our school was running.  I soon found out that I couldn't publish to the web without a Microsoft FrontPage supported web host.  The gang at elephanthost were wonderful. They replied to my email almost immediately with instructions and technical help that got  my site up and running ahead of schedule, and they still are, as I will be publishing a second site with them today. I highly recommend their fast, friendly, and personable service to anyone!!  THANKS GUYS.
  Environmental Analytical Systems

"I went through an agonizing seven weeks and three different providers before finding Elehost, so I was completely astounded that they had me online and running almost as soon as I contacted them. FAST! That was my first comment to them. I thought my problems were solved; but, in the next five days with them, my previous host constantly managed to override Elehost's authorization and my DNS would switch back to them. Paul and John responded immediately numerous times and I could not believe their incredible patience to help me with the nightmare host. They went above and beyond the call of duty, endured with me, and always with their fast and friendly support.  I consider them my Guardian Angels of the World Wide Web and elephants couldn't state it any better, B-I-G Customer Service".  Thanks!
 Dog's Bite

"I started a new business and Paul helped me design and launch both my website and blog (Elehost also hosts both). Paul gave me lots of good ideas, was quick and prompt with his turnaround times and has been a pleasure to deal with on an ongoing basis as we have grown. If you have an entrepreneurial business and need a top-notch professional with a personal touch, look no further! "
David Larock Integrated Mortgage Planners

"La première chose qui m’a frappée …c’est bien la rapidité d’exécution de cette compagnie qui ne laisse jamais rien au lendemain. Et quoi dire de leur patience, de leur gentillesse et de leur amabilité au téléphone! Chez Elehost j’en ai pour argent et plus! Merci et je vous souhaite bonne chance"
  AMANA Traducteurs & Interprètes multilingues inc

"I'm very happy with your service.  I actually ended up closing my account with EarthLink and was thinking to move that account to Elehost. Although they have a rich data base for customers to find out the answer, it is certainly no match to your fast phone calls or email replies. I also used Superperb.net before I moved to EarthLink. Still, you guys are the best. A friendly phone call is far better then a complicated search engine."
  EZ Game

"I am writing to thank you and the Elephant Host team for the outstanding support that you have given me since I signed up a few weeks ago.
As you know, I have been having extreme difficulties transferring my domain name over from another registrar and I have continuously received patient, helpful and proactive support from Elephant Host (Alex Zakher in particular has been really helpful -- I nominate him for employee of the month!). Although it was difficult and complicated and involved tracking down organizations in 3 continents we succeeded in the end.
The difficult and frustrating process of communicating with my previous hosting company stood out as a black-and-white contrast to the helpful, knowledgeable and accessible support from Elephant Host.
I particularly valued the online chat feature that enabled me to communicate with Elephant Host representatives and surf the web at the same time to make the required DNS changes, exchange hyperlinks and other useful information.
A relative of mine recommended elephant host to me and I would, in turn recommend the company to anybody who is looking for a cost-effective, friendly and helpful hosting company."

  Omar Rifaat

"Doing business with Elehost is a joy! I currently have 3 sites hosted at Elehost. As a university teacher of Computer Communications, it's very important to me that my sites reside on a server that is fast, dependable, and well-managed by professionals who provide knowledgeable, timely, and friendly technical support. Elehost has satisfied these criteria in every way. I especially enjoy the personal service provided by Elehost as compared to the impersonal service I have experienced with other providers where you never speak to the same person twice. In the relatively impersonal but technically challenging world of the Internet, Elehost's ability to combine technical expertise with a personal touch gets an A+ in my grade book!"
  Jean S. Mason