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Additional Features

$CDN/mo $US/mo

Unique Graphical Usage Logs

$5 $3.50

ODBC / DSN / ACCESS support

$5 $3.50

SSL Encryption

$5 $3.50

Company Secure Key Support

$10 $6.50

Additional POP3 Boxes

$2 each $1.30

Storefront Support

$10 $6.50

Other Fees

Additional Services

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* Pricing is specific to the respective hosting packages and many options are included in our higher level packages. Please click here to see what options are included in each of our packages.
*** US prices only serve as an approximate value if payment is to be made by credit card.

Note: if you do not see a service / package you are looking for
please don't hesitate to e-mail us or call us at 416-203-6798
   If you are a reseller, please check out the amazing deals we offer to our resellers on top of our already great service. Don't miss out!

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